Spot/Appreciation Awards

Spot/Appreciation Awards

Administered locally, the Spot/Appreciation Awards are intended to acknowledge and demonstrate immediate and spontaneous appreciation and recognition for the exceptional contributions of individuals and teams. The monetary value of these awards is relatively small, but their value is immeasurable.

Each member of our group is eligible to request a Spot/Appreciation Award for another member or members. Awards may also be requested for MIT employees outside of our organization who deserve to be recognized for making the work of our area easier, more efficient, etc., by their special contributions. The awards are given throughout the year at the time of an achievement, and they can take many forms.

Request a Spot/Appreciation Award using our online form.

Below are the award options, which may be selected when submitting the form.

Taza Chocolate - Virtual Tasting Kit – The Essentials
Mystic Coffee Roasters – 1 Bag of Coffee
Vermarje Tea Company – Tea & Cookies