2022 Infinite Mile Award Recipients

Our congratulations and thanks to the recipients of our twenty-second Infinite Mile Awards.

2022 Infinite Mile Award Winners – Matt Fucci, Kathy Wren, Kathryn Liede, Ellen Patton, Karla Casey, and David Astvatsaturov.


Matt Fucci for Problem Solving and Leadership
Kathy Wren for Community Building
David Astvatsaturov for Public, Customer, or Client Relations
Kathryn Liede for Problem Solving and Leadership
Team Award: Karla Casey and Ellen Patton for Collaboration/Teamwork


Matt Fucci

President Reif, Mark DiVincenzo, and Matt Fucci holding his 2022 Infinite Mile Award.
Matt Fucci with his family at the 2022 infinite Mile Awards Ceremony.

Matt Fucci, Counsel, Office of the General Counsel, for Problem Solving and Leadership

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You joined the Office of the General Counsel in August 2018 and since that time you have been integral to the success of the Office through your ceaseless creative thinking, hard work and initiative.

You’ve taken on some of the most challenging work at the Institute, including last year’s highly complex 2U transaction. Days, nights, weekends, you were always available to craft a resolution that worked for all involved.

You were also an essential resource as MIT adapted to new US government research disclosure demands. Through your expertise and insight, MIT found a path forward to accept federal research funding while also respecting the Institute’s principles and policies.

And the work didn’t end there. You’ve helped with governance issues, investment funds at the Engine, and so much more, always inspiring confidence from those around you as you navigate even the thorniest of issues. Cool, calm and collected, that’s you.

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Kathy Wren

President Reif, Alfred Ironside, and Kathy Wren holding her 2022 Infinite Mile Award.
Steve Bradt, Catherine Ng, Kathy Wren, and Sarah Gallop at the 2022 Infinite Mile Awards Ceremony.

Kathy Wren, Editorial Director, Institute Office of Communications, for Community Building

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You are the hidden storyteller behind MIT News and an editorial dynamo who understands how to convey the news from our community to a wide range of readers around the world.

Within your department, you work with a talented group of writers whose work always receives your precise, supportive and thoughtful feedback. Beyond your department, you partner with individuals in every school and across an array of labs and centers to cultivate new MIT News content.

What’s the common denominator across all of these interactions? Your kindness and deep respect for others. Your editorial approach not only yields better stories but also establishes personal trust and builds channels to future content.

Even when news breaks outside of the traditional 9-5 workday — which it often does — you’re always there, ready to help, with a levelheaded perspective and the poise of a true expert.

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David Astvatsaturov

David Astvatsaturov receiving his Infinite Mile Award from Suzanne Glassburn at the 2022 Infinite Mile Awards Ceremony.
President Reif, Suzanne Glassburn, and David Astvatsaturov holding his 2022 Infinite Mile Award.

David Astvatsaturov, Chef’s Assistant/Server, Office of the President, for Public, Customer, or Client Relations

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Your professionalism, hard work and consideration for others makes you a deeply valued and trusted member of the teams that you support.

You have been a highly dedicated chef’s assistant for almost three years, and no matter the circumstance, you always bring tremendous dedication, skill and a positive attitude to every aspect of your work.

During the pandemic, you delivered food to students who were quarantined in dorms and made every individual you encountered feel engaged in the care of the Institute. When many in the MIT community returned to campus, you were also there to help, greeting people at the entrance to Lobby 7, answering questions, and helping with Covid Pass issues.

You are always willing to assist others and lend a hand wherever you can be useful. In this way, you uphold the MIT mission in its finest form through hard work, problem solving, and service from the heart. MIT is a much better place because of your incredible contributions.

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Kathryn Liede

President Reif, Suzanne Glassburn, and Kathryn Liede holding her 2022 Infinite Mile Award.
Kathryn Liede with her colleagues at the 2022 Infinite Mile Awards Ceremony.

Kathryn Liede, Deputy Secretary of the Corporation, Office of the President, for Problem Solving and Leadership

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Your approach to problem solving has made you a highly trusted and integral member of the teams that you serve.

When changes to MIT’s Bylaws created a new line of work that focused on good governance, you immediately stepped up and embraced the challenge. You defined tasks and created systems and precedents that not only support the Institute today but will continue to serve MIT for many years to come.

When the Corporation Office experienced turnover, you stepped up again, learning jobs, assembling temporary teams, and pitching in on anything that needed to be done, no matter how big or small.

You also led the charge with MIT Video Production to deliver robust hybrid meetings, and helped to recruit a wonderful new team to the Corporation Office. Your steady guidance, mentorship and support for the Corporation team has been essential to its navigation through a full governance cycle.

And you’ve done all of this work and so much more with continuous warmth, humor and grace.

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Team Award

Erica Voigt, Ellen Patton, and Karla Casey enjoying the 2022 Infinite Mile Awards Ceremony.
Ellen Patton, President Reif, and Karla Casey with their 2022 Infinite Mile Awards.

Karla Casey, Executive Assistant to the President, and Ellen Patton, Administrative Assistant II, Office of the President, for Collaboration/Teamwork

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You are the dynamic duo, a combined powerhouse of brains, energy and professionalism serving the Office of the President and the greater MIT mission.

You make the demanding work of your office look easy no matter the circumstance, but this year, with the sudden departure of a longtime employee who had maintained nearly 40 years of presidential correspondence, you were faced with an enormous dusty tomb of unindexed files.

With your typical levelheadedness and good humor, you processed thousands of files, examining, categorizing and ultimately indexing each document. In the end, you packed up over 100 boxes for MIT archives, sent other materials to Resource Development, and directed book donations to the libraries.

This wasn’t glamorous work, but it was essential to the preservation of Institute history. It also couldn’t have been done by one person alone. It took teamwork and the type of ingenuity and lightheartedness that only the two of you could bring to the effort.

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