2019 Infinite Mile Award Recipients

Our congratulations and thanks to the recipients of our nineteenth Infinite Mile Awards.

2019 Infinite Mile Awards Selection Committee: Christine Daniloff, June Milligan & Anthony Farrell


Erin Johnson Ahern for Problem Solving and Leadership
Kimberly Mancino for Public, Customer or Client Relations
Maia Weinstock for Community Building
Conference Services Team for Community Building
Steve Dimond, Special Recognition


Erin Johnson Ahern

President Reif, Mark DiVincenzo, and Erin Johnson Ahern holding her Infinite Mile Award.
Erin Johnson Ahern enjoys the Infinite Mile Awards Ceremony with Jason Baletsa and Jay Wilcoxson.

Erin Johnson Ahern, Legal Operations Manager, Office of the General Counsel, for Problem Solving and Leadership

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Even in the fast-paced, high-stakes Office of the General Counsel, you never get rattled. You take the time to understand a project from all angles before expertly executing. And we do mean expertly.

Your unfailingly positive attitude and relentless good humor make you the perfect OGC ambassador, forging connections to colleagues and offices across MIT’s campus.

We can’t overstate the importance of your contributions to MIT’s Behavioral Assessment Response Team. Our assessment of your behavior is that you are resourceful, funny and entirely lacking in ego. We wish all of BART’s assessments were such a pleasure.

With diplomacy and persistence, you persuade OGC’s busy lawyers to help keep the office’s website current. Your negotiation skills make us dream of having you on our side the next time we try to buy a car.

You always go the extra mile. In this case, it’s infinite.

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Kimberly Mancino

President Reif, Kimberly Mancino, and Suzanne Glassburn with Kimberly's Infinite Mile Award.
Cecelia Kelly, Gromek Smolen, Kimberly Mancino, and Tami Kaplan at the Infinite Mile Awards Ceremony.

Kimberly Mancino, Director of Reference Publications, Office of VP for Communications, for Public, Customer or Client Relations

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Sending campus-wide emails is a high-wire act few dare attempt. Late at night, early in the morning and even on weekends, you’re willing to test and retest a message – adding a semicolon here or deleting a word there until we have it just right.

From the senior leadership org chart to MIT Facts to the course catalog to Institute reports, you approach every assignment with care, leaving behind the invaluable, invisible mark of your high standards.

Your editorial and technical expertise, keen eye for detail and grammatical wizardry are unmatched. You meticulously review every footnote, every chart, every word and every comma. Dangling modifier? Not on your watch.

You often work behind the scenes and always without fanfare, but we see you and we are in awe of everything you do.

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Maia Weinstock

President Reif, Suzanne Glassburn, and Maia Weinstock holding her Infinite Mile Award.
Maia Weinstock accepts her Infinite Mile Award from Suzanne Glassburn

Maia Weinstock, Deputy Editor, Office of VP for Communications, for Community Building

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You help MIT tell its story to the world, writing, editing and publishing articles that make our brilliant, creative, wonderful community accessible to readers near and far.

Around 8:00 each morning, when the MIT Daily arrives, our inboxes become immeasurably more interesting. 50,000 readers can’t be wrong – the Daily is a delight.

One fan wrote, “I really like what you folks have done with the MIT Daily news; it’s pretty great. I can tell someone is working hard to make it interesting and diverse.” We agree. And for the record, that someone’s name is Maia.

You unearth stories that need to be told and amplify voices that are too often unheard.

Somehow you always know what’s happening on campus – from groundbreaking research to Pi Day zaniness to graduate students adopting a homeless cat – and you find ways to tell the rest of us. We appreciate it, and so does the cat.

We love your Lego tributes to STEM legends. We’d be delighted to have one of you too! But we are grateful that the real Maia Weinstock calls MIT home.

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Conference Services Team

President Reif, Darlene McGurl, Eva Cabone, Caroline Livingston, Meghan Westcott, and Suzanne Glassburn with the Conference Services Team Infinite Mile Award.
Gayle Gallagher congratulates the Conference Services Team.

Conference Services Team: Cathi Levine, Eva Cabone, Meghan Westcott, Caroline Livingston and Darlene McGurl, Institute Affairs, for Collaboration/Teamwork

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You put the “service” in “Conference Services.”

Knowledgeable, responsive, calm and friendly: Even at the most stressful moments, you maintain your cool. And your smiles tell us we should maintain ours, too.

Last-minute invitations? No problem. Walk-ins? The more, the merrier. No shows? Bring ‘em on. You see the curveballs coming. And you always hit them out of the park.

On your watch, registration runs smoothly, name badges are works of art, slides project perfectly and the gluten-free meals are actually gluten-free. You leave no stone unturned. And you deal with everything underneath it!

You have an uncanny knack for anticipating a client’s needs and acting – with care, professionalism and grace.

When we sheepishly send you our millionth email of the day, you make us feel as if you can’t wait to hear from us again. We know better, but your patience alone makes you award-worthy.

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Steve Dimond

President Reif, Steve Dimond, and Suzanne Glassburn with Steve's special recognition award.
Steve Dimond celebrates with the Copytech team at the Infinite Mile Awards Ceremony.

Steve Dimond, Managing Director, Copy Technology Centers; Special Recognition

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For 50 years, you’ve been a role model for all who cross your path – kind, competent, and generous. Through it all, you’ve never wavered from your greatest strength: You have remained true to yourself.

Whenever someone asks what you’re up to, you respond, “A million things.” We have done the math. We think you sell yourself short.

Three generations of Dimonds have sparkled at MIT. From your father, Edward, to your son, Matthew, your family has become ours – and ours yours.

Customers arrive at your office needing help with a special print job or an especially complicated project. With quiet confidence, you reassure them, fulfilling the order in your “little workshop.”

Your love for the Patriots is never in doubt. The Mondays after a win, Copytech is the place to be. After a rare loss? We might be safer at Kinko’s.

From MIT’s 12th president to the one wearing jersey #17, your service has been exemplary. If we only knew how to make copies of you…

Your staff call you “Bossman.” We call you an MIT institution.

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