2013 Infinite Mile Award Recipients

Our congratulations and thanks to the recipients of our thirteenth Infinite Mile Awards.

Christine Daniloff for Community Building
Sarah Gallop for Problem Solving and Leadership
Stephanie Hatch for for Public, Customer, or Client Relations


Christine Daniloff

Christine Daniloff with Mary Anne Hanson, Steve Bradt, and husband, Caleb
Kirk Kolenbrander starts the applause for Christine Daniloff

Christine Daniloff, Creative Design Director, News Office, for Commuity Building

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Quick: What’s the most sought-after real estate at MIT? All of us have seen it. Some of us may even have fought over it. But only one person owns it: that precious 980-by-561-pixel parcel known as the MIT homepage Spotlight. The creative force behind the Spotlight and the fierce guardian of its turf, Christine Daniloff makes sure that MIT puts its best face forward every day. The dynamic artwork you create brings to life the most abstract concepts. The photos you choose let the world see the very human side of MIT. Your technical ability makes it all look easy. And your political finesse somehow allows you to “welcome ideas and submissions for spotlights from community members,” while enforcing the concept that you really, really, really “are not able to accommodate all requests.” As you shape MIT’s presence online, you shape how the world sees MIT – and how MIT sees itself. We are extremely fortunate to be able to count on you as MIT’s electronic ambassador to the globe.

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Sarah Gallop

Sarah Gallop with husband, Andy, and President Reif
Infinite Mile Award winners: Sarah Gallop, Stephanie Hatch, and Christine Daniloff

Sarah Gallop, Co-Director, Office of Government and Community Relations, for Problem Solving and Leadership

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Calm. Gracious. Patient. Steady. Self-effacing. If you know Sarah Gallop, you know she doesn’t ask for much…Until she asks for a transformational rezoning of 26 acres of prime real estate in the heart of Kendall Square. In which case, of course, she gets it. Through a process that experts describe as very close to alchemy, you turned the baffling straw of political conflict into the gold of community consensus and practical progress. Where others saw conflict and frustration, you saw opportunities to deploy your uncanny ability to hear what people really mean and your monumental perseverance. When others felt their spirits flag, you made it clear you were just warming up. Your integrity, humility, kindness and sincere respect for other people’s points of view inspired priceless trust and confidence, inside and outside MIT. Your judgment, sense of humor and graceful tenacity made us deeply grateful to be on your team -- and left us no doubt as to who was the captain.

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Stephanie Hatch

Stephanie Hatch enjoys the celebration with colleagues
Stephanie Hatch shares a laugh with Kirk Kolenbrander

Stephanie Hatch, Social Media and Email Marketing Specialist, Communication Production Services, for Public, Customer, or Client Relations

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Across MIT, when it comes to the mysteries of incorporating social media into a marketing campaign or improving a program’s outreach, she has become the guru of first resort: Far more than 140 characters now count on her advice. Stephanie insists that her last name is “Hatch” – but we’re pretty sure that it’s “Hashtag.” Your cheerful, tireless enthusiasm and wide-ranging know-how make you a guide, an advocate and an inspiration. Everyone is eager to learn from you. Creative, energetic and action-oriented, you generously share your knowledge with eager novices and grumpy Luddites alike. In the past two years, MIT’s social media following has jumped to nearly half a million – and that achievement has your digital fingerprints all over it. Your passion for MIT’s mission, your dedication to your craft and your knack for staying ahead of an ever-changing field have made you a rising star. And we are delighted to be in your orbit.

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