2010 Infinite Mile Award Recipients

Our congratulations and thanks to the recipients of our tenth Infinite Mile Awards.

Patrick Gillooly for Problem Solving and Leadership
Cathi Levine for Public, Customer, or Client Relations
Victor Park for Public, Customer, or Client Relations
Aaron Weinberger for Collaboration and Teamwork


Patrick Gillooly

Patrick Gillooly (second from right) with colleagues (l to r) Greg Frost, Mary Anne Hansen, and David Chandler
Patrick Gillooly accepts his award from Kirk Kolenbrander and President Hockfield

Patrick Gillooly, Web Producer, News Office, for Problem Solving and Leadership

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Although you are one of myriad staff who work behind the scenes to make MIT look good, your sensitivity to the needs of the community and your political savvy are rare. The redesign of the MIT Home Page and the News Office site benefitted from the comprehensive input you solicited from across the Institute, your commitment to meeting deadlines, and your dedication to the sound infrastructure that is essential to this complex work. The timetable for these projects was accelerated, but even under pressure, you made no distinction between getting the work done on time and getting it done right.

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Cathi Levine

Cathi Levine (right) with Gayle Gallagher
Cathi Levine (left) receives congratulations from President Hockfield

Cathi Levine, Manager, Conference Services, for Public, Customer, or Client Relations

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In the intricate business that is Conference Services management, you remain a step ahead of your clients, who always look forward to working with you. They treasure your commitment to the success of their events, whether you're identifying potential snags, finding creative solutions for new challenges, streamlining existing processes, or graciously answering questions both basic and complex. You always seem to be "on-call" and ready to lend your considerable expertise to the clients who have come to know what a privilege it is to work with you and your staff.

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Victor Park

Victor Park enjoys the celebration with colleague Laurie Everett
Victor Park (right) accepts his award as Kirk Kolenbrander looks on

Victor Park, Designer/Advisor, Publishing Services Bureau, for Public, Customer, or Client Relations

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You are valued as a resource by clients all across campus. With your energy, creativity, and deep caring for the image of MIT, you make working with the Publishing Services Bureau both productive and fun. Always focused on the needs of the client, you offer smart solutions that empower them to achieve their goals and to remain self-sufficient when the project is complete. Clients appreciate your generosity, your wealth of knowledge, and their ability to rely on your judgment when there is a difficult decision to make.

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Aaron Weinberger

Aaron Weinberger with (l to r) Ellen Patton, Melanie McCue, Corey Smentek, Ann McNamara, and Chris Taylor
Aaron Weinberger (center) with Kirk Kolenbrander and President Hockfield

Aaron Weinberger, Human Resources/Faculty Governance Associate, for Collaboration and Teamwork

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There are few people whose work touches everyone in the department, and we are deeply grateful that you are one of us. In coordinating our personnel, you are sensitive and responsive, offering your insight and guidance with a light touch. In your newer role in support of the faculty governance system this past year, you took the lead in working with all stakeholders to ensure that things get done. Regardless of the hat you wear, your initiative, clarity of thought and communication, and uncanny ability to make anyone's individual problem seem like the top item on your agenda makes you our MVP.

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