2008 Infinite Mile Award Recipients

Our congratulations and thanks to the recipients of our eighth] Infinite Mile Awards.

Leslie Price for Public, Client, and Customer Relations
Toni Robinson, Mary Rowe, and Katherine Schenck for Community Building
Kimberly Mancino for Problem Solving and Leadership
Linda Olson for Community Building


Leslie Price

Leslie Price (center), receives her award from President Hockfield at the June 11 Infinite Mile Awards Ceremony.
Leslie Price (right) is joined by her husband, Michael Welles, and colleague, Sharon Pinksten (center).

Leslie Price, Executive Assistant to the President, for Public, Client, and Customer Relations

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You are always the first person the President calls when something unexpected arises—at any hour of the day or night. You are unfailing in your prompt and thoughtful attention to the myriad issues that cross the President’s desk. Your foresight, finesse, and command of the President’s priorities have made you indispensable. There is no travel, computer, scheduling, or culinary mishap that cannot immediately be smoothed by your gracious attention. Your warm welcome and presence have established you as one of MIT’s finest ambassadors. You match a remarkable dedication to the President with a genuine grace and warmth for all who visit.

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Toni Robinson, Mary Rowe, and Katherine Schenck

President Hockfield presents a group award to Katherine Schenck, Mary Rowe, and Toni Robinson.
President Hockfield, Mary Rowe, and Toni Robinson enjoy the reception in the Emma Rogers Room.

Toni Robinson, Mary Rowe, and Katherine Schenck, Ombudsperson, Special Assistant to the President and Ombudsperson, and Administrative Staff Assistant, for Community Building

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Together, you show and encourage respect through your efforts to resolve disputes, manage conflicts, and teach productive ways of communicating. You serve as role models, helping members of the MIT community to realize that they have options and resources available to them. Your behind-the-scenes work, whether in terms of providing administrative support or historical perspective and advice, is invaluable. You foster a diverse and inclusive community. You promote a work environment that is collegial, supportive, and characterized by positive morale.

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Kimberly Mancino

Vice President and Secretary of the Corporation Kirk Kolenbrander congratulates award recipient Kimberly Mancino.
After receiving her award, Kimberly receives a very special congratulations from her daughter.

Kimberly Mancino , Publication Manager, for Problem Solving and Leadership

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You demonstrate a remarkable gift for organization. You have refined deadlines and publication schedules to ensure timely delivery of the MIT Bulletin and directories. Your colleagues marvel at your perseverance in resolving a billing issue with a vendor that reached back over 10 years. Ignoring brush-offs, buck passing, and pleas of ignorance, you fixed a seemingly unfixable problem, a feat that would have broken a less resilient and resolute individual. You showed great attention to detail and excellent communication skills in standardizing the subject-description terminology in the MIT Bulletin, not an easy task on such a large and heterogeneous campus.

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Linda Olson

Kirk Kolenbrander reads the award citation to recipient Linda Olson.
Linda Olson, surrounded by colleagues (back l to r) Ted Johnson, Lee Smith, Joe Coen, and (front l to r) Gayle Gallagher, Diane Tavitian, Traci Swartz.

Linda Olson, Events Planning Assistant, for Community Building

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You ignite and inspire collaboration, teamwork, and excellence. You took the reins in helping to coordinate the MITAC/MIT Federal Credit Union Dinner-Dance, going the extra mile and inspiring everyone else to do the same. Your efforts to link the MIT campus and Lincoln Lab communities are integral in creating a sense of connection and inclusion. Your exceptional spirits and sociable personality uplift and inspire those around you. You approach every new project with a level headedness that helps the team stay focused on the task at hand. You actively pursue opportunities to engage colleagues in a way that contributes to a common sense of mission and purpose.

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