2003 Infinite Mile Award Recipients

Our congratulations and thanks to the recipients of our third Infinite Mile Awards.

Kathy Barrett for Public, Customer, or Client Relations
Tim Healey for Public, Customer, or Client Relations
Jamie Lewis Keith for Collaboration and Teamwork
John McDonald for Problem Solving and Leadership


On June 23, 2003, we held our third annual Infinite Mile Awards ceremony to formally present the awards and to celebrate and elaborate on the good deeds of these very deserving colleagues. Since Jamie Lewis Keith was speaking at a conference out of state that day, a surprise ceremony was held for her on June 26 to present her award citation and applaud her many efforts on behalf of the Institute. Photographs of the recipients and ceremonies as well as wording of the award citations are shown below.

President Charles Vest, Executive Vice President John Curry, and Vice President and Secretary of the Corporation Kathryn Willmore presided at both ceremonies. In addition to a citation and monetary award, this year each recipient received a two-volume set of the Life and Letters of William Barton Rogers, edited by his wife Emma Rogers and published in 1896.


Kathy Barrett

John Curry, award recipient Kathy Barrett, Kathryn Willmore, and Chuck Vest at the June 23 Infinite Mile Awards Ceremony.
Kathleen M. Barrett at the awards ceremony

Kathy Barrett, Staff Associate in the Information Center, Public Relations Services, for Public, Customer, or Client Relations

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As Staff Associate in the Information Center, you epitomize service on the front lines of MIT's connection with the public. In a career of more than 40 years at the Institute, you have answered the same questions over and over with patience and a smile. You help people from every walk of life, including a large number of internationals whose first language is not English. You never rush the people who seek your help. Instead, they have your undivided attention until all their questions have been answered. Your patience seems boundless. Your knowledge of MIT is encyclopedic, and your devotion to the Institute shows in each interaction you have with the public. Wanting everyone to have a good impression of MIT, you go that extra step to ensure that our visitors are treated very well.


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Tim Healey

Award recipient Tim Healey (center) is joined by the three presenters plus his mother Annette (third from left), daughters Mina and Nadia, and (far right) father Robert and wife Yassamin.
Timothy Healey at the awards ceremony

Tim Healey, Chef Coordinator of the Emma Rogers and Maclaurin Rooms, Office of the President, for Public, Customer, or Client Relations

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Colleagues note that you have done a remarkable job as Chef Coordinator for the Emma Rogers and Maclaurin Rooms from the very first day you began here. You gracefully juggle the details for many events in a variety of locations and consistently deliver outstanding food that is presented creatively and with flair. Your flexibility and positive attitude about accommodating special requests and last-minute changes are greatly appreciated. The staff members in our area who arrange meetings and functions love working with you, and participants and guests regularly comment on your delicious food and the welcoming atmosphere you create. Your focus is always on the organizers and guests of the events you host, and you exemplify the highest level of service.


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Jamie Lewis Keith

Award recipient Jamie Lewis Keith is applauded by the presenters at a surprise ceremony held for her on June 26.
Jamie Lewis Keith at the awards ceremony

Jamie Lewis Keith, Managing Director for Environmental Programs and Risk Management, and Senior Counsel, in the Office of the Executive Vice President, for Collaboration and Teamwork

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As Managing Director for Environmental Programs and Risk Management, and Senior Counsel, you consistently go "the Infinite Mile" in your work on behalf of MIT. A number of critical issues have benefited from your involvement in the last year. These included coordination of MIT's amicus brief in the University of Michigan affirmative action cases, defense of our minority outreach and bridge programs, and skillful negotiation on agreements with institutions both here and abroad. In addition, your collaborative problem-solving approach on environmental and safety-related programs is moving our campus toward greatly improved practices. You work extraordinarily hard to ensure that a decision takes into account the needs and views of others. All of these efforts have advanced MIT's key priorities in international cooperation, collaboration with other educational and research institutions, and commitments to a diverse campus community and to environmental stewardship.


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John McDonald

Award recipient John McDonald receives congratulations.
John M. McDonald at the awards ceremony

John McDonald, Assistant Director of Enterprise Services, Office of the Executive Vice President, for Problem-Solving and Leadership

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This year alone, your work as Assistant Director of Enterprise Services has resulted in significant improvements on transportation issues, building security, and the expanded use of Tech Cash. Your sponsorship of the I-Campus Shuttle Tracking Project enabled graduate students to create a wonderful new service for the MIT community. Migrating our fleet from small vans to larger mini-coaches not only improved student service but also provided professional growth for our drivers. With your staff in MIT Card Services, you investigated and implemented an entire system upgrade of our alarm infrastructure and card access to buildings. You expanded our debit plan system through the addition of many new vendors, a move that was met with enthusiasm by cardholders while it increased revenue. Your focus on problem solving, your intelligent leadership style, and your perseverance have combined to create improved and sustainable systems for the Institute.


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