Infinite Mile Award

The Infinite Mile Awards are intended to support the objectives of each organizational area within the Institute. Below are categories of awards criteria reflecting the work, values, and behaviors specific to our group of staff. Annual Infinite Mile Awards for our area have been presented at awards ceremonies held in June every year since 2001. Visit the most recent award recipients’ page and browse previous years’ pages to review award categories.

The Infinite Mile Awards for our area are in the range of $1,000 for individual recipients. For individual members of an award-winning team, the amount will be determined by the size of the team.

Award Categories

Infinite Mile Awards are given in the following four categories to individuals and teams for exceptional service.

Public, Customer, or Client Relations

  • Embraces the work of communications, public relations, and information-sharing inherent in MIT's educational and public service mission.
  • Successfully works with a variety of clients in a professional and helpful manner.
  • Exhibits a natural curiosity and desire to improve service by expanding knowledge and skills.
  • Is action oriented, anticipates a client's needs and potential problems, and creates deliverables that reflect the nuances of a particular area.

Problem Solving and Leadership

  • Takes initiative to define and implement improvements to a process that enhance workflow or use by customers, reduce cost or time, make better use of technology, or improve the work environment.
  • Recognizes potential problems and finds creative solutions that are sustainable and may be duplicated in other areas.
  • Exhibits and inspires a "can-do" attitude in the face of emerging challenges.
  • Serves as a role model, helping and motivating staff and encouraging their personal and professional development.


  • Works collaboratively with others, encouraging participation and openness while sharing ideas, responsibilities, skills, resources, and credit.
  • Understands the importance of personal accountability and delivers on promises and expectations.
  • Encourages partnerships within and across departments as well as outside MIT.
  • Works well and responsibly within appropriate hierarchies.

Community Building

  • Works to foster a more diverse and inclusive community by encouraging a respectful and open environment.
  • Promotes a work environment that is collegial, supportive, and characterized by positive morale.
  • Builds bridges for individuals or groups to come together for intellectual or social connections, to help others, or to develop and share resources.
  • Actively seeks opportunities to engage colleagues in a way that contributes to a common sense of mission and purpose.
  • Exemplifies good citizenship through personal volunteerism or by helping to position MIT as a good citizen in the wider world.