Catch a Rising Star

Do you work with someone who has recently performed an outstanding and unforgettable task? Did she or he go the extra mile (the Infinite Mile, that is) to benefit the department, MIT, or the community? If so, please consider honoring them through our Rewards and Recognition Program.

Please take a few moments to learn about the award categories and those who have been recognized in the past. We hope you'll be moved to nominate a colleague who has demonstrated exceptional performance during the past year. The deadline for 2022 nominations for the Infinite Mile Awards will be March 28.

Rewards and Recognition is not just a once-a-year endeavor. At any point during the year, you may recognize a coworker through the Spot/Appreciation Awards program. Spot/Appreciation Awards are a great opportunity to reward excellence and show your appreciation to a colleague for a job well done.

Our Group

Our group is comprised of about one-hundred-and-thirty administrative assistants, managers, directors, executive, and leadership positions from the Offices of the President, Chair, Gray House, Vice President and Secretary of the Corporation, Institute Office of Communications, General Counsel, and Executive Vice President and Treasurer. Review our complete personnel lists at Who We Are.